Crikey. There are loads of estate agents in Walthamstow aren’t there? Even on our street. So why do so many landlords and sellers opt for Abbeymove? 

Well, we know this corner of London like the back of our hands. We’ve got over 50 years combined local property experience, so we understand the market and what people are looking for too. 

But it’s all the extra stuff we do that makes our customers love us (so they tell us). Like a rent protection scheme for landlords. It means that in the unlikely event your tenant doesn’t pay their rent or pays it late, you still receive your money on the day it’s due. Yep. You read it right. You still receive your money on the day it’s due. Pretty sweet, huh? And your costs are covered too if you need to evict a tenant. (If it ever came to that. Hopefully not.) 

Don’t want to manage your rental property? Leave it to us. At the moment, we manage over 400 properties. Got more than one property? We manage portfolios from 2 to over 100 properties and offer progressive discounts for landlords with 2 or more properties. 

20% of our properties are let before we even market them. And that’s because as soon as we see a new property, we whizz through our bulging database of potential tenants, give them a call, and get them to view the property as soon as possible. No wonder the average time it takes us to let a property is less than 5 days. And that includes weekends. 

Of course, all potential tenants go through a thorough checking process before they’re handed any keys. We’re hot hot hot when it comes to checking references and financials. We wouldn’t rent your property to just anyone. 

We’ve also teamed up with a few local businesses to organise special offers for new tenants and we include these in our move in packs. Cool. 

Want to have a chat about renting or selling your property? Give us a call today.