Tenant Fees

All fees are inclusive of VAT.

All fees are payable by direct bank credit. We do not accept cash or cheques.

Late Payment of Rent:

 If the late payment of rent has been overdue for 14 days or more, interest will be charged at 3% above the Bank of England’s base rate.

 Lost Keys or Security Devices:

To provide a replacement of a lost key or security device will be charged at the reasonable costs that Abbeymove have incurred as a result of the lost key or security device. In line with government guidance, where possible, we encourage tenants to resolve issues independently. Tenants have the option to replace a lost key or security device at their own cost. For properties in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, we recommend:

The E17 Cobbler
361 Hoe Street, London E17 9AP
020 8521 4606

Changes to a Tenancy:

 Any reasonable request to alter a tenancy agreement is charged at £50 including VAT.

Early Termination Fees

 If the tenant wants to leave a tenancy before the end of the fixed-term or the end of the notice period, the rent as required under the tenancy agreement must be paid until a suitable replacement tenant is found and a new tenancy has started or until the fixed-term agreement has ended or, in the case of a statutory periodic tenancy, the required notice has been given under the terms of the tenancy agreement.

If the tenant wants to leave a tenancy before the end of the fixed-term, to cover the loss incurred by the landlord and the reasonable costs of Abbeymove, the tenant is to pay a pro-rata part of the Landlord’s fees for letting the Property.